Your own personal brand is your reputation. Don't forget, a reputation is a foundation of your career.

What is influencer


Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as popular within their niche. Social proof is built amongst influencers' social media pages as they build trust with their followers. This is why influencer marketing works really well!

Influencer marketing has changed over the years. In 2014 it was very rare to be considered an 'influencer' but in 2021, that's changed drastically. Pretty much everyone wants to become an influencer so how do you know who to work with and who to trust? 

Here at IRL, we work with a handful of influencers with a large following which are our 'diamond talent'. We also run a program for aspiring influencers which consists of around 2000 members (which is growing by the day). We believe by partnering with your business we can help you grow with our influencer marketing and other services which can be found here.

Social Media Management

Graphics Design

Website Development


We like to consider ourselves unique as we are one of the only agencies who deals with multiple sectors like we do. With our reliable business strategy we are looking to sky rocket your business whether you own a clothing brand, a cafe or even a TV series! 

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What can our

talent do for you?


Our talent have over 5 million in combined reach and with this we can help your brand grow. Although this is an effective technique alone, we offer much more than just promotions. 

Need your website re-vamped? Our web development team can help you with that.

Need product photography? Our photographers can do that.

Need your social media pages ran? Our social media experts have your back.

 Need a promotional video? Our skilled videographers are on it. 

IRL is much more than just 'an influencer program'.