Website Development

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Websites need to be visually pleasing in order to attract audiences.

38% of people say that they’ll stop engaging with websites if the content or layout is unattractive & when it comes to having a user-friendly website, 95% of internet users state that it’s the most important feature.

A user interface that is well-designed can provide a 200% increase on conversion rates.

We deliver high level web development. A simple increase of load time from one to three seconds can lead to your bounce rate increasing 32%. We understand business and customer needs, and our team always strives for perfection.

What We Offer

Here at IRL, we offer a variety of services:

- Websites to help your business grow

- Shopify Stores

- Personal Blogs

- Portfolios

If you don't see an option that suits you, no need to worry! Just drop us a message to discuss further!

Our front end developers have a keen eye for technical detail that will make a difference to both your visitors experience and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Web Design

Responsive Web Design

The popularity of mobile use online is increasing. 48% of people who purchase a product began their research on mobile first. It’s essential that your website is responsive to display correctly on any mobile device. Our team is ALWAYS one step ahead! We optimise all of our sites for mobile, ensuring you are at the top of your game when a mobile visitor comes to browse your site.

Internet users spend almost 2 of every 3 minutes online on a mobile device. Responsive website design is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy, helping you to increase your profits & growth. Approximately 61% of consumers are more likely to go to a competitor’s site if yours isn’t mobile-friendly.



Is your website responsive? Do features work correctly?


Does your website load quickly? Is it slow?



We'll develop a suitable technical strategy.



Is the header clear? Are buttons labelled correctly?



Is it easy to navigate? Are things clearly labelled?



Is your website browser friendly? Does it look okay?

Our Web Design


Understanding your business is important to us. 47% of people exit websites if they don't load almost instantly. We don't want this to happen to you. An astonishing £1.5 billion in sales is lost every year due to slow-loading websites.

Our research will provide the foundation for our web design, development, marketing, and SEO.