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February 2021 Mentions✨

WOW! We have over 1500+ members now! This is absolutely surreal! We have decided to start this blog to give recognition to those working hard.

This weeks influencer of the month is the beautiful Kayleigh Bailey. Kayleigh is 17 years old, and from Essex in the UK. She mainly focuses on fashion content. She started with 6000 followers and has grown exponentially to over 15k in the last 2 months! She is doing a great job and people should look up to her as she is a PERFECT example! Her determination and hard work has really paid off. Our influencer programme has given her that extra confidence and advice, and now Kayleigh is on our Diamond Management which is our EXCLUSIVE management package!

Her profile photo is clear, her bio is full + engaging, her photos are HIGH quality, she's active on stories, feed and reels! She is exceeding our expectations on the daily and we see HUGE potential in her. We are all so so proud of Kayleigh here at IRL. Absolute HUGE well done to Kayleigh, she deserves it!

You can follow Kayleigh's socials below:

Instagram: @xkaylouise

TikTok: @xkaylouise

You can also email her at if you’re wanting to partner with her!

Again, we are so proud of Kayleigh and we are super excited for what the future will bring for her on her influencing journey.

Other special mentions for doing really well:

@caterina.rx for having a professional feed

@mimiroserichards for staying active

@eloise.hutchins for always perfecting her instagram

Remember, if you want to join IRL, all you need to do is sign up today!

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