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March 2021 Mentions ❤️

Hey everyone! Just dropping in to mention some people for march's mentions!

Before i start i’d like to mention a few people below for their hard work and dedication towards IRL!

Morgan Nelson

Holly Casey

Jess Easter

Jade Biggs

Layla Meddeman

Here at IRL, we appreciate all the hard work put into your socials and the suggestions you give us to help make the agency even better! Feedback is super important to us. Without it, we don’t know what you all want! We thrive off of your brilliant suggestions! We have a few changes coming soon which we’re super excited for you all to see! Make sure to keep an eye out!

We also recruited some team members recently! We’re always looking to expand so when we open applications make sure to join! You’ll get to help others too.

Quote of the day: Positive mind Positive vibes Positive life

Some tips for may: Keep your social posts consistent Make sure to keep your photos high quality Use the guide to your advantage Ask admins for help Join the mentoring calls Stay focused and happy! We love seeing you guys grow. It genuinely makes us so happy to see we’ve helped so many of you!

Also, a special mention to Keeley Osborn for maintaining such high quality, lovely photos since joining in January!

Another special mention to @hopefully_daniel for hitting insane numbers on reels! Congrats for hitting 10k too!

One last special mention to Mimi Richards for turning up to all calls & games nights! The effort doesn’t go unnoticed! Also, congrats for hitting 10k

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